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Vypress Chat 2.1 - phần mềm chat trong mạng LAN tốt nhất

Vypress Chat is a user-friendly application for real-time chatting in small office or home office (SOHO) local networks. This unique chat software features an easy-to-understand format for text-based conferences and discussions. Vypress Chat does not require an Internet connection or a dedicated server to support discussions, and all users have equal access to the application’s tools and functions. Vypress Chat enables individuals to instantly communicate about joint projects, and managers can send instantaneous memos to individuals, departments, or the entire company.

No Network Management Needed

At VyPRESS, we recognize that most small local area networks (LANs) have no professional network administrator to manage software installation and provide user training. Thus, one of our major goals when creating Vypress Chat was to develop chat software with absolutely zero management requirements. To achieve this, we deliberately left out certain advanced configuration features in order to make Vypress Chat 100% chat-ready immediately after installation. Now, all you need to create the easiest and most comfortable “talk environment” available for your SOHO network is to install the all-new Vypress Chat!

Getting Started is Easy

After installation, Vypress Chat will automatically start with Windows, and the appropriate icons will be added to the notification area of the Taskbar (near the clock). At startup, all Vypress Chat users in the network will join one common chat channel (#Main). However, users are not limited to this one channel — they can create as many new channels as desired and initiate private discussions on completely private channels. Users can also send messages at any time to other online “buddies” (all users are visible who have Vypress Chat running in your network). Users can send and receive instant messages and begin chatting immediately after installation.

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