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Thiết kế UML chuyên nghiệp với Visual Paradigm

  • Visual Paradigm for UML

    Model-Code-Deploy Platform

    • An intuitive interface helps hit the ground running with deliverables
    • Able to scale to best fit your needs
    • Effortless translation between design and code
  • Business Process Visual ARCHITECT

    Business Process Visual ARCHITECT

    Easy and Intelligent Business Process Modeler

    Fast and cross-platforms BPM tool which supports Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 2.0, data flow diagram (DFD), and organization chart. Process simulation helps analyst to identify bottlenecks of existing workflow.

  • Smart Development Environment

    Smart Development Environment

    Streamlined Design and Development Environment

    Design software using Unified Modeling Language (UML), ERD inside your IDE. Keep design and code always synchronized.

  • Agilian


    Necessity for Agile Modeling

    Agilian provides flexible modeling environment for agile software development practitioners to comunicate effectively with UML, BPMN, ERD, DFD and mind map.

  • Business Process Visual ARCHITECT


    Access Database with Object-Oriented Technology

    DB Visual ARCHITECT provides database design diagram (ERD), and UML class diagram for system design and supports generating database scripts, Java and Hibernate.

Visual Paradigm for UML is a UML modeler that lets you design system with all kinds of UML diagram types. It also supports extensive use case management, SysML requirement diagram and database design (with ERD). With VP-UML, software development team can perform system analysis and design effectively.

Visual Paradigm International is a leading provider of software solutions that enable organizations to develop quality applications faster, better and cheaper. Visual Paradigm is dedicated to the continuing delivery of software, services, and partnerships to help our customers to accurately transform systems requirement into quality software solutions, with minimum risk and maximum ROI. We design and develop products that remove complexity, improve productivity, and compress your software development time frames.

Visual Paradigm provides a suite of award-winning products that facilitates organizations to visually and diagrammatically design, integrate and deploy their mission critical enterprise applications and their underlying databases. Our award-winning products help your software development team to excel the entire model-build-deploy software development process, maximizing and accelerating both team and individual contributions.
Visual Paradigm is the only proven vendor offering the widest coverage of interoperability software development solutions that are platform-independent, truly supporting customer choice of Microsoft? Visual Studio, Eclipse and other major Java? integrated development environments.
Thousands of customers, including global corporations, leading financial institutions, and government agencies throughout the world, use Visual Paradigm products to model, build and deploy their enterprise applications. In all, over 70% of the Fortune 500 depends on our products and services to keep them competitive.

Download Visual Paradigm Suite 3.1 Full

Download Visual Paradigm Suite 5.3 Full

Download Visual Paradigm for UML 7.0 Enterprise Full

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