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Download SAP Crystal report for visual studio 2010 Full

Trong phiên bản Visual studio 2010 đã không được tích hợp sẵn công cụ tạo báo cáo mạnh mẽ và quen thuộc Crystal Report như các phiên bản trước đó, vì vậy khi bạn muốn sử dụng Crystal Report trong visual studio 2010 thì phải download và cài đặt riêng rẽ, bài viết này giới thiệu những tính năng mới của bộ Crystal Report dành cho VS 2010 và link download đầy đủ.

What’s New in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 makes your .NET application more powerful by delivering more
insight with fewer reports.  
It is completely free, embeds into the familiar Visual Studio environment, and benefits all users - Report
Designers, .NET Developers, and Report Consumers
For Report Designers
Fewer reports needed
A set of powerful, complementary features combine to reduce the number of reports required to meet your
reporting requirements and add value to your application.  
Parameter panel  
The report viewers now include a panel on the left-hand side to enable customers to easily see and modify
parameter values.  This enables parameterized control of both report formatting and report data.  Now a
single report can take on multiple looks, all controlled by parameters set by the end user.

Sort controls
Reports can now embed sort controls directly on the report page so end users can change record and group
sorts on the fly without refreshing the data from the data source.
Saved data selection formula 
This powerful feature allows for parameterized filtering of data records previously retrieved from the data
source.  This enables a specific slice of the data to be filtered and viewed by the end user without refreshing
the data from the data source.   
Dynamic, cascading parameters 
Parameter lists of values can now be populated from a dynamic data source.  Cascading parameters
combine these dynamic lists into multiple levels where the parent value filters the child levels.
Optional parameters
Useful for signifying the ‘no filter’ or ‘all records’ option, parameters can now have no value and be used to
apply no filter to the underlying data.
Multi-value SQL command parameters 
  Custom SQL can now receive multi-value parameters.
  More powerful
Formatting features are enhanced to broaden the range of reports that can be created.
Report sections can be portrait or landscape
  You can now combine portrait and landscape sections as required in your report.
Flexible page size definition
  Define your page size in pixels for reports that are commonly viewed only.
Clamp page footer 
Dynamically remove white space at the end of a section or group.  This option will ‘pull up’ the page footer so
its right underneath the last content on a page.
Improved control over page breaking
Set page breaks after any number of records or groups. 

For .NET Developers
WPF Viewer 
Add value to your WPF applications by using the new WPF based Crystal Reports Viewer control to view
reports within your application.
Easier to migrate Report Designer Component (RDC) applications
A set of API enhancements make it easier to migrate from your existing COM-based RDC applications.
•  A Format event on the Section object will be added.  This is similar to section formatting events
in the RDC, however the RDC functions allowed for report modifications during section
formatting events. The .NET implementation will support read-only access only.  
•  Check report processing status.  A new set of properties under ReportDocument
.ReportRequestStatus will allow for access to the number of report pages and the number
of records selected.
•  Report level formatting and field mapping events.  This will provide for .NET equivalents to the
following RDC events:  ReportDocument.BeforeFormatPage,
ReportDocument.AfterFormatPage, ReportDocument.FieldMapping, and
•  Add the new ReportDocument.ReadRecords API to process records at runtime
 API enhancements not available in the beta version.

We will offer a single runtime engine for reports embedded into .NET applications with Visual Studio 2010.
Previously, there were 2 separate Crystal Reports runtime engines and developer tools for use with Visual
Studio – the version included with Visual Studio, and the version included with Crystal Reports Developer
Edition or Crystal Reports 2008.
Starting with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010, there is only one version of Crystal Reports for Visual
Easy to access
Free to download, and just a click away, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 is just as easy to access as
prior versions of Crystal Reports.

For Report Consumers
The modern report viewers are simple, intuitive, and beautiful.  Animated page transitions and clear visual
cues boost the value of any application.
•  Reports drilldown in tabs, not new windows
•  Report processing indicator
•  Separate group tree and report page scrolling 

More insight
Embedded Flash
Dynamic Flash visualizations can be integrated into your report that instantly communicates the business
value in the data.  Crystal Reports 2008 must be used to add Flash to your Crystal Report.
Sort controls 
Report consumers view the report the way they want, reducing additional report requests and reducing time
required to answer business questions.
Parameter panel  
Report consumers can change parameters that affect both data and formatting without triggering a database

Export to XLSX  
Enable support for large spreadsheet grids in Excel 2007 for large data sets. 
Export to XML
Enables your report data to be converted to almost any required format.  This is especially powerful when
combined with the optional XSLT transform available only with Crystal Reports 2008. 

Why Upgrade to Crystal Reports 2008?
Crystal Reports 2008 enhances Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010, making report design faster and
enabling access to more data sources.  It includes a standalone desktop designer which enables you to
author reports that use all of the capabilities in the Crystal Reports runtime engine*.
More productivity
•  Editable preview: View a report with data and edit it at the same time.  No need to switch back and
forth between an edit window without data, and a read-only report preview window.
•  Design reports without Visual Studio.  Report designers don’t need a copy of Visual Studio to create
or modify reports.
•  Crosstab calculated rows and columns:  Add calculated rows and columns to your crosstabs with this
powerful new feature that enables access to any cell in a crosstab from within a formula.
•  Integrated barcodes: Easily add barcodes to your report with the supplied Code 38 barcode font. 
Additional barcode fonts are easily integrated.
•  Templates: Use the supplied report templates, or create your own to enforce a consistent look and
•  Improved support for multilingual reports: Simulate the viewing of a report in different viewing
locales, to ensure it works in all deployment scenarios.
•  Repository to reuse common text, images, and SQL: When using Crystal Reports with Crystal
Reports Server, Edge, or BusinessObjects Enterprise, you can save common text, images, and SQL
commands in the repository.
•  More languages:  Crystal Reports 2008 is supported an additional 9 languages, including:  Dutch,
Portuguese (Brazilian), Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, and Thai.
More data access
•  OLAP Data Access:  Crystal Reports 2008 includes an OLAP grid for embedding cube-based data in
your Crystal Report.
•  Web Services data driver: Access both local XML files and XML retrieved from Web Services with
this powerful driver.
• data driver: Easily create reports that access your implementation.
•  DataDirect drivers: Crystal Reports 2008 includes the high performance Data Direct drivers that
support ‘wire protocols’ for easy deployment – there’s no need for heavyweight client side database
More analytical tools
•  Adobe Flash integration: Author reports that embed Flash from either Xcelsius or other sources.
•  What-if models:  Xcelsius based Flash are a powerful way to add forward-looking what-if analysis
based on the historical data already in your Crystal Report.
•  Geographical map integration: Use either the integrated mapping tool, or the Flash based map
viewer to visualize geographical trends in your data.
More control over exports
•  Save report options: By saving export options within your report, you can ensure your export works
exactly as intended, even when deployed within your application.  This relieves you from training
your end users on which export options to choose.
•  Add XSLT transforms to your XML exports:  By including an XSLT transform with you XML export,
you can export reports to virtually any format you require.

Download SAP Crystal report for visual studio 2010 Full (chọn menu File / Download, rồi chọn Download Anyway)

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