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10 hottest jobs in future

Currently, the new graduate must face fierce competition to find job to cover their life. Many people cannot find jobs related to their degree because of their mistakes in orientation professional.

According to experts, the personnel nowadays, a successful career will come to those who are trained, creative, and quick-witted to any change in your life. Tokyo Times magazine inserted forecasts of the expert about the hottest profession in future.

1. Data mining specialists

Dwayne Peterson, Director of consulting firm Merrill Lynch said: “Information today is worth more than gold. Money is moving at the speed of light and therefore we also need timely and accurate information.”

Enterprises always need information but they meet many difficulties in finding it whether there are multiple sources. So, this business really is the golden land for data mining specialists to enrich themselves with each contract worth millions USD.

The only requirement for data mining specialist is having extensive knowledge and regularly updating the latest information to know the source exploitable when necessity arises. “The data mining specialist will be a big partner of companies and corporations in the future. Earnings millions of dollars were within reach,” Peterson said.

2. Sales executive online

Currently, the business, trade, finance, banks are changing each day to keep pace with the rapid development of information technology. According to forecasts, 84% transactions of commerce, finance and banking, payments, consumptions in 2015 will be made on the internet. Numerous companies also set up a virtual office online. Therefore, the market will need a large amount of e-commerce professionals to keep up this trend....


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